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Detailed Installation Instructions

Step 0 - Install Anaconda or Miniconda

If you haven't already, you need to install Anaconda or Miniconda on your system. These tools make managing Python projects and environments easier.

    Step 1 - Open a terminal window

    Press the `Windows key`, type "Anaconda Prompt", and press Enter.

    Press `command + spacebar` and type "terminal" and press Enter.

    Press `ctrl + alt + t` to open a terminal window.

      Step 2 - Create a new Python environment

      To create a new Python environment with the recommended version 3.11, type the following text into the terminal and push Enter:

      conda create -n freemocap-env python=3.11 -y

      After creating the environment, activate it using:

      conda activate freemocap-env

      Now your terminal is set to operate within the freemocap-env environment.

        Step 3 - Install FreeMoCap software

        Type the text below into the Terminal and press Enter:

        pip install freemocap

        A bunch of text should stream by for while, and when it is done, enter the command:


        With any luck, the GUI window should pop up!

        Keep an eye on the Terminal window, as it will provide useful information as the software runs.

        To install FreeMoCap from the source code for development purposes, you will need to clone the repository from GitHub and install it in editable mode using pip. Here is the step-by-step procedure to do so:

        1. Open a Terminal.

        2. Clone the FreeMoCap repository using git:

        git clone
        1. Navigate to the cloned repository directory:

        cd freemocap
        1. Install the package in editable mode with the following command:

        pip install -e .
        1. Run the software by entering the command:


        ... or the equivalent

        python freemocap/

          If all goes well, a GUI Window with Skelly's face should pop up, looking something like this:


          Congrats, you're in! 😎

          After following these steps, you should have FreeMoCap installed and ready to use!

          You're ready to get 👉 Your first recording!

          Last modified: 21 February 2024